1. Stand choice

All your stands will be listed here. Choose your stand from the drop-down menu to configurate it.

2. Product categories and filters

Choose one of the product categories followed by a sub-category. Refine your search by using the filters.

3. Product catalog and placement

To place an object, drag and drop an object in the configurator. Once you've dropped in the configurator, the move tools will appear for the object.

- Use the arrows to move the object in different directions.
- Use the orange square underneath the object to move te object around freely.
- Use the red circle to rotate the object. Click and hold the red sphere and move the mouse up and down to rotate the object.

4. 3D configurator

To move the camera around in the configurator, you can use the following mouse keys.

5. View angle

To quickly choose a camera standpoint, use the 4 buttons in the upperright corner of the configurator. Click on an icon to choose the desired camera standpoint. The top-view will reveal the 2D-view.

6. View quality

Depending on the graphic card in your computer, you can adjust the view quality of the 3D configurator. If the configurator is running slow, please try a lower viewing quality. From the drop-down menu there are 3 options

- Low quality
- Medium quality
- High quality

7. Fascia text

Enter your own text here for the fascia, next to the standnumber. The text will be visible in the configurator.

8. Shopping card

Click here to continue to the checkout and finalize your order.